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Blocksil® ONE

A unique one coat polymer roofing and gutter membrane applied as a cold pour liquid; this product has been designed to work without the need of a fleece, whilst still giving all the required strength needed to give a full warranty.

Blocksil® HD

The original Blocksil with all its unique features. This is better used as a fleeced system when the substrate requires that little extra strength due to poor substrate conditions e.g: cracks, bridging and joints onto adjoining structures etc.


A less viscous version of the polymer, still solvent free. Designed for the encapsulation of asbestos and metal roofs, being less viscous, allows for easier application on pitched roofs, can be brushed or rollered, in one coat dependent on the condition and porosity of the surface. 

Blocksil® ASBESTACOAT 20

Has the same properties of Asbestacoat, this version comes in a viscosity for airless spray application it can also be applied with brush and roller. Please note this version does have a small solvent content.

Blocksil® NS

A specially formulated product used for crack bridging, sealing around peripherals and sealing on vertical sub straights without sagging. This knifing viscosity allows for application with spreaders, scrapers and will also brush.


Liquid polyurethane polymer forms a thin, hygienic, transparent layer over any glass window or surface, which provides excellent water, dirt and grime roll-off, as well as providing protection, high transparency, and significantly reduced maintenance costs.


Can be over coated with all the products in the Blocksil Range. Preparation for this coating is to remove all lose flaking coating and rust. Does not have to be taken down to clean steel, will tolerate rusts, and can give up to 20 year corrosion resistance. 


Blocksil Ultra Protector reacts with the surface it is applied to and provides very high bonding strength on the surface. It generates a very thin, transparent coating with high impact strength that is resistant to alkali, corrosion and dirt. 

Blocksil® GF Graffiti Free

Unique water washable, permanent anti-graffiti coating. One-pack external coating designed to give effective protection against both graffiti and fly-poster attack.