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About our company

Blocksil specializes in developing and selling innovative, state of the art protective coating products to customers in different Industry sectors that need special solutions to their existing substrate protection and permeability problems worldwide.


What we do

Blocksil aims to use high quality, bio-degradable, eco-friendly materials and at the same time incorporates the latest scientific advances in different coating technologies.

We use different technologies, for different substrates, giving a perfect and long lasting result. Depending on the need of our customers we use from Nano-technology to Polymer based coating solutions.

Our coatings are made to be applied at a controlled thickness, through a number of different simple and cost effective processes depending on the substrates. 

Blocksil provides VOC free and hydrophobic, vapour permeable coatings, repelling water and letting the substrate breathe.

Our customers include rail, automotive, aviation, construction, food processing, healthcare, manufacturing, marine and renewable energy.


Our vision

To Globally give our customers the cutting edge protection solution for their coating needs, giving them long lasting protection, energy savings and cost efficient maintenance.

The Blocksil® Revolution